La Belle Cicatrice

Welcome to my little corner. Here you will find my figure drawings and erotic art. On this page you can buy my work, a commission, my prints, my five books (Love Yourself, Liquid Times, Lust, Le Beau Trait and Empordà NU) or see a sample of my exhibitions.


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Flow State

I have received a few commissions lately in which they asked me for urgency even when there was no hurry for something in particular, they were simply anxious to have them in their hands. It is a pleasure to receive commissions and I value the trust that is given to me, and I understand that…


It requires the precise level of humidity. Patience and gentleness are key, although sometimes getting loose and acting impulsively has good results. It can be combined with other less humid techniques. Horizontal is the most common, but it is not the only possibility. Raising the temperatura can be useful at certain times. And although the…


A little reflection on time. These days I was thinking about one of the most heard lies these days: “I don’t have time”. I don’t have time to meet you, I don’t have time to answer your message, I don’t have time to write the text I promised you… Lately I have a lot of…