La Belle Cicatrice

Welcome to my little corner. Here you will find my figure drawings and erotic art. You can also purchase my original art pieces in my store or order an exclusive one.


Love Yourself
Liquid Times
Empordà NU
Le Beau Trait (book in progress)
Lust (book in progress)


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Portraits, my other passion
Exclusive content, my high quality artwork and the story of each drawing


Good customers

One of my best customers who, together with Empordà NU, got a nice lot and the last copy of Love Yourself.

The red dot

Two of the questions I receive most often are the following: “Why labellecicatrice? and why the red dot on your paintings?” labellecicatrice (the beautiful scar) refers, first, to the scars that decorate my belly, related to several operations I had in my twenties following an intestinal disease from which I am now recovered, but it…

What is drawing?

Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of just copying a photo, and maybe that’s why I always try to go a little further, either trying to create movement with the multiple poses or going a little further back and creating the image from scratch. When I knew that Desirée was coming home to collaborate in…