Je caresse le flanc du grand Léviathan

In February 2020 I opened an instagram account without too many pretensions. My idea was to combine it with my work and show some drawings I was doing focused on the erotic field. A few days later the world stopped and I lost my job. Those were hard months, in which death haunted my dreams and the anguish of the unchanging days made me small. Drawing saved me and the world opened up. I found in eroticism a motivation and in pleasure a source of inspiration.

I am an artist and graphic designer based in Catalonia (Spain). I’m 41 years old. I have published two books as an illustrator and I love cats. The first book published was about FC Barcelona players (Herois del FC Barcelona, 2016) and the second one about historical figures of Catalonia (Personatges de Catalunya, 2017). Both with Símbol Editors.

Don’t ask me since when I draw, ask yourself since when you don’t

I studied physics but after an illness, with its scars, I left the scientific world to devote myself to design. Time led me to drawing, my true passion and the pandemic has given me time to devote.

I only understand eroticism as feminine pleasure, as a line that unites the power of a woman and her most fragile point, as a mountain of emotions captured on paper.

In May I participated in an erotic festival exhibiting some of my works in Barcelona, and since December several of my works are on route to different erotic stores in Spain. In June of 2021 I published my first erotic book, Love Yourself, and in January of 2022 the second one, Liquid Times.

And why labellecicatrice and the red dot?


· February 2020. I open the account @labellecicatrice on instagram.
· May 2020. I open the account @bellecicatrice on Twitter.
· July 2020. Instagram closes my account losing everything I have achieved so far and I open my current account @labellecicatrice.art
· July 2020. This website is launched to have my own site to show my work.
· May 2021. Exhibition at Erostreet Festival (Barcelona).
· June 2021. I publish Love Yourself, my first art book.
· July 2021. I open the account @labellecicatrice.photo on instagram.
· December 2021. Solo exhibition at amantisRussafa in Valencia.
· January 2022. I publish my second book, Liquid Times.
· January 2022. Solo exhibition at amantisChueca in Madrid.
· May 2022. Solo exhibition at amantisSantAntoni in Barcelona.
· June 2022. Solo exhibition at Saló Eròtic de Barcelona.
· September 2022. Solo exhibition at amantisBerceo in Logroño.
· January 2023. I publish my third book, Empordà NU.
· January 2023. Solo exhibition at amantisAlcalá in Madrid.

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