The art of labellecicatrice vol. III

Publication: May 2023

Hard cover (21 x 21 cm)
136 pages

40 € (BUY IT)

Download a 13-page sample

The crowdfunding campaign for the third volume was a great success. This book compiles more than 180 drawings with a more established style.


The first book, Love Yourself, was a compilation, with no particular order, of my drawings up to date, mostly sketches. I included eight short texts, almost all written by people who appear in the book. The second, Liquid Times, more structured and chronologically ordered, was born out of my need to tell the stories behind the drawings. It was an intense time of change and learning that I wanted to reflect and, in this case, the text had a similar value to the image. This third one, Lust, is more relaxed and also follows a structure, although in this case it is based on the theme and origin of the drawings. The text, as in the first case, comes to complement the art.

I have used metalanguage to provide order. I have chosen eight concepts (words) that include, in turn, the word lust, with no relation of meaning. The first six concepts are related to the theme of the drawings and the last two, to their origin. Unlike the other volumes, in this one I have compiled all the captions at the end of the book with the intention of making the journey cleaner but providing all the information in an accessible way at the same time. I didn’t want to overload the book with texts and the few chosen are important to me.

We begin this journey with pleasure, lustful, the origin of everything. Shibari, lustration, is another ritual, in this case of submission. The shine on the skin, lustrous, and the dance of the hair, illustrous, are two very powerful expressive resources. Sometimes, illustration, art has been at the service of other projects. The multipose, cluster, deserved a chapter of its own. And finally, as if it they were a sag wagon, the last two, wanderlust and flustrated, which are based on the origin of the references: from afar, for the first one; and from my own, for the second.

Since the publication of the second volume I have made several exhibitions and the affection of people has exceeded all my expectations. The release of this third volume will coincide with a solo exhibition that I am preparing with great enthusiasm. On a personal level, having overcome the pandemic and with a more relaxed vision, I have been able to complete a photographic project that gave me a lot and that will have continuity during this year. On an artistic level I have gained in self-assurance, I have kept investigating my language with irregular results according to my point of view. On a negative note, I feel a certain level stagnation, an accommodation that does not fill me and on which I reflect, rowing against the frenetic pace of events. Slowness and reflection are two values little appreciated in these liquid times, so I consider the fact of stopping and contemplating a work of art as an act of rebellion, and in that sense I am infinitely grateful for it.

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