Serena (watercolor and pencil)

Liquid Times

We live in liquid, uncertain, flexible, fickle times. We are constantly starting from scratch and renouncing to long-term thinking, in love, in the workplace, in friendships…

Nadia (watercolor and pencil)
Ouverture (watercolor and pencil)
Yoga (watercolor and pencil)
Josie (watercolor and pencil)
Noemi (watercolor and pencil)
Violeta (watercolor and pencil)
Misstam (watercolor and pencil)
Julie (watercolor and pencil)
Mery (watercolor and pencil)
Etherea (watercolor and pencil)
Encandilate (watercolor and pencil)
Drunk Angel (watercolor and pencil)
La Maja Desnuda (pencil)
La Belle Dormant (watercolor and pencil)
Jasmine (watercolor and pencil)
A Hand (pencil)
Brianne (watercolor and pencil)
Ayla (watercolor and pencil)
In the Forest (pencil)

Moving mainly through social networks is something that I perceive in my day to day life in a very raw way. And in my obsession to draw people around me, real or virtual, the renewal is constant, the interest is fleeting and yesterday is already past, something old. Fortunately it is not always so and some muses (hated word) are still close and reflect the change in me (I am also liquid).

Movement, color and eroticism are liquid. Movement in multiple poses, arms and hands running across the skin, invisible dances. Color that dilutes in the mother liquid and ends in the rectangular paper, the skin of art. Eroticism that creates liquid, flows that embrace and transport pleasure. A triangle of elements that closes the circle of liquidity.

Exhibition at amantis:

amantisRussafa (Valencia). December 10th 2021 – February 13th 2022
amantisChueca & amantisRastro (Madrid). February 19th 2022 – April 17th 2022
amantisSantAntoni (Barcelona). May 21st 2022 – July 17th 2022
amantisBerceo (Logroño). September 16th 2022 – November 13th 2022
amantisAlcala (Madrid). January 13th 2023 – March 12th 2023

Between your arms (watercolor and pencil)

On May 29th and 30th 2021 I made an exhibition at the MEAM of Barcelona within the Erostreet Festival.

Punto G (watercolor and pencil). SOLD
Laurence (watercolor and pencil)
Julie (watercolor and pencil)
Décharge (watercolor and pencil)
Celle qui Aimait Écrire (watercolor)
Beatrix (watercolor and pencil)
Cami (acrylics)
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