I have opened a photo account. I don’t consider myself a photographer but I like to take them and I use them as a reference for my drawings. Unfortunately I have to deal with instagram censorship. Also the models are not professional and they are photos made in private that then they have given me permission to make them public but covering their identity.

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Love Yourself

During the past month I have been raising money through kickstarter for the publication of my first book with a compilation of drawings from this complicated year. The process was a success and now I am in the phase of preparing the printing of the book. Once delivered I will have several in stock. I will inform you.


It is always a pleasure to receive positive feedback on your art but if it also translates into collaborations, it is priceless. I received a commission from S and a few days later she bought a work that she had been selling for some time. I felt like giving her a portrait as a present and from there a certain virtual friendship arose. It also motivated me to give life to my patreon and I am thinking of recording some videos about the process of a work.