Erotic commissions

Do you want to have an intimate work of art, an indelible memory of a moment of passion?

The art

I make erotic commissions, both in digital and traditional format including the sending of the original. The default size is DIN A4 but can be made up to DIN A3, both with pencil and watercolor.

To do the job I need at least one photo. If I have several it is better. I assume that the better the photo, the better the result. Privacy is important so you should not worry about that. The final artwork will not be published without your consent.

The Payment

The price is 60 € (DIN A4 size) / 80 € (DIN A3 size). I charge in advance with PayPal, but if you prefer another payment method we can talk about it. Shipping to most countries costs 8 € but there are some exceptions, such as Australia, so check with me first.

For any other questions or to send the material you can use my email or contact me privately on instagram.

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