Flow State

I have received a few commissions lately in which they asked me for urgency even when there was no hurry for something in particular, they were simply anxious to have them in their hands. It is a pleasure to receive commissions and I value the trust that is given to me, and I understand that if someone is looking for a piece of mine they will want the best one possible. Artistic work requires time and tranquility, in addition to many other things that are not always given. The world goes fast even when the situation does not require it and it is hard for us to live in the present. We are impatient waiting for something to take us out of this constant tedium in which we are installed, but we have the wrong objective. The rhythms to which we become accustomed do not allow us to enjoy the road.

For me, art is a refuge from the rush and speed of the present. Time is relative (beyond Einstein’s theory) and when you enter it, it flows at a different rhythm and has its own speed. The state of flow, as it is now called, is not always easy, because life requires other obligations, but when you reach it, you are in your own space-time and the result becomes substantial and unique.

Stopping to contemplate the result, today, is a revolutionary act.

Let’s slow down and be patient with artists, let’s enjoy art at their pace and let’s be infected by their slowness. It is one of the few ways to survive the madness.


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