My art

These are some of my favorite works in the different techniques I use: pencil on natural paper color, watercolor, pencil on white paper and acrylics.

Pencil on Natural Color Paper

This paper allows me to paint with white pencil. The combination with the red and the background gives a warmth to the final art. I work in a DIN A4 250 gsm paper.


My favorite technique. I usually combine it with a precise pencil drawing although sometimes I prefer to let it walk on its own. I work in a DIN A3/A4 200/300 gsm paper.

Erotic pencil

I usually work in a DIN A4 160 gsm paper.

Toned paper

I work in a DIN A4 135 gsm natural brown paper. I use pencils for the lines and shadows, watercolor, and pastel pencil for the white.

Pencil portraits

I work in a DIN A4 160 gsm paper.


I have not used it much but I really like the result I get.

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