I like to draw the same person several times. It’s like a small relationship where some days you’re more inspired, others cost you more and there’s always some drawing that stands out and ends up being memorable in your memory. It also allows you to see the evolution. I’m a big fan of compilations


We see mouths every day, we don’t hide them, they serve us to talk, to eat, to smile… It is said that one of the reasons we get excited when we see bodies is because we hide them. Not so in the case of the mouth. A simple oral gesture from the person we like can take us to heaven. In Flaubert’s book Passion and Virtue there is a phrase that I think sums it up well: Virtue evaporates very quickly in front of the smile of a mouth that we love.

An eternity

I made this drawing five months ago. It seems like an eternity. The loss of my job, a forced confinement and the closing of my account when I was really taking off. Today I’m re-publishing it and it allows me to look back. In 5 months you learn a lot, change dynamics and improve in many ways, but you also lose things along the way. I see lines in that drawing that I would remake today and instead they seem very beautiful from a distance. Not everything is to advance, sometimes staying still is also beautiful


The face is always the most complicated part of a drawing. You have to capture the essence of the person and at the same time do it in an aesthetic way. You can’t get away from their features because in that case, however great the drawing is, the person won’t be seen in it.

Through the challenge #faceyourart I’ve been able to travel to drawings I made during the confinement and I really like to put them all together and see how the style changes.

Erotic art

After losing my main account due to instagram censorship I felt a lot of solidarity from other similar accounts. That’s why I decided to give back some of that love by creating this list of erotic accounts. If you see any mistakes, accounts that have been closed or new proposals, please write me. Constant update.

The conditions to appear in the list are: mostly erotic content, more than 1000 followers (sorry!, need to filter) and own content.

Petites Luxures


Charnellement votre






Ewan McLaughlin




Lady de Puño


Sia Eroart


En Rouge et Bleu








Atelier Erotique


The original

Many times when a buyer receives the drawing at home the first thing he tells me is: the original looks much better. It’s frustrating sometimes to be working on a drawing, to be enjoying so much of the subtlety of some color shades, of the pencil line that looks fantastic… and then you scan the drawing, or you take a picture of it, and a lot of that gets lost.

Whenever possible try to visit art galleries, or see the artist’s work first hand. It’s worth it.


One of the things I’ve had the most trouble with is finding the right paper for each type of drawing. I started out with no big deal and bought (or was given) sketchbooks and any one of them would do for me as long as I had a lot of paper. When I started to sell drawings I found that people were asking me for works I had on cheap sketchbooks, sharing paper with other drawings. It couldn’t be so I started to be interested in finding the right paper. In the last weeks I tried up to 3 types of paper for pencil drawings and each one gave me different things but finally I think I found the balance I was looking for.

And just that, don’t settle for just any kind of paper because you can really tell the difference.

To alternate

I like to alternate between pencil and watercolor. The pencil allows me a relaxation that I have not yet found with watercolor, but I know that watercolors have more acceptance. In the end everything is complementary and to continue practicing only with the pencil improves my skills also with the watercolor.

For this drawing I based on a photograph of the model Sarah Vanmaurick. You can see her beautiful photos in the following link:



I made this drawing I had in mind. I asked a friend to pose for me and one day while we were swimming in a river we could take the picture. I published it and a person from the UK wrote me that she wanted to buy it, that she felt deeply recognized in it. This person suffers from Ehlers Danlos syndrome and is a wheelchair burlesque performer. I proposed that I would draw a picture of her and she gladly accepted. It was not an easy assignment, I had to repeat the whole drawing again but it was a great learning.

Her name: littlepeachesburlesque