Would you like to pose for me?

If you are reading this is because I have contacted you to propose a collaboration or because you have found this site on your own and you want to try this experience.

In my artistic philosophy I believe that drawing should be created from scratch. Thinking the pose from nothing, between the two of us, and taking the necessary photos to have the references. That’s why I prefer to draw people with whom I can have a contact, either in person or from a distance.


To make the drawing I will need several photos of you so you will have to trust me, and obviously I understand that this is not the case. I am open to anything you need to increase that trust, from making a phone call to signing a document where I assure you that the material will not be used for anything other than the purpose for which it was sent. I am a professional with long experience and many people have trusted me and I am sure they are willing to talk to you if you wish (you will find their names in each drawing).


Photos must be of good quality. The more the better. Lighting is important. Sometimes it can also work with a video. If you don’t know how to pose, you can get inspiration from my other works. The hands give a lot of expressiveness so try not to cut them.


If you collaborate with me you should know that this work will be published in my social networks and my website, and maybe in a compilation book. You can collaborate anonymously. The work will be offered for sale (obviously you will have priority if you want to buy it).

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