La Caracola, an erotic magazine decided to interview me. Here’s the link (in spanish). I did a translation

Tell us a little bit about you and your work. How do you describe yourself?

Hi! First of all, I’d like to say that I’m a man. It doesn’t matter at all but with my name on instagram it sometimes creates confusion. I am a graphic designer with a great interest in art despite my scientific studies. I have studied in some art schools but basically I consider myself self-taught. My name refers to the scars I have on my body. I have always been more interested in imperfection, which makes us different and is something that I subtly try to incorporate into my work. I live in Spain, specifically in Catalonia and more specifically in the Empordà area. It is said that those who live here, because of the Tramuntana, the wind that comes from the north, are a little crazy (Dalí was born 10 km from where I live).

Share your top 5 favorite accounts on Instagram

@leocharre is one of my references. A very nice guy, always willing to lend a hand and with incredible art.
@agnes_cecile is an artist from Rome with a brutal sensibility and beautiful watercolours.
@gio_quasirosso is a comic artist with a very rich inner world and a very expressive stroke
@conradroset is a Catalan illustrator who has created a school in illustration
and finally @vinnifantastic which, with a seemingly simple style, communicates with an envious depth

Since when do you like illustration and erotic drawing? Where does this passion come from?

You’d have to ask people who don’t draw why they’ve stopped. I, and I guess no one, have no memory of my first drawing. All I need is a pencil and paper, and I can’t think of an occupation in which you can dedicate more time without any cost (well, I can think of one but it’s always better to do it with someone else). About the origin of erotic drawing I started a couple of years ago with a girl I met. I’ve been doing portraits for several years now and adding part of her body to the drawing was a natural process. From there I started thinking about concrete poses and eroticism became part of the game. If you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it doesn’t make any sense. I understand drawing as another language where there are no rules. All styles are valid when there is expression, when you communicate what you have inside. It’s something natural, as I was saying, since I was a child. I envy the freedom they feel when they draw, creating a world where everything has meaning and the fear of making mistakes does not exist. As you grow up that breaks, the wings become hard and the world becomes small. Fears and ego come out, that friend of the creator, but at the same time his worst enemy.

Could you tell us a little about your creative process?

I always work from photographs. I start with a hard pencil (usually 4H) so as not to leave a very marked line and to be clear about the space I will occupy and the basic forms. I try to make it look like the model but at the same time I try not to limit it to copying a photograph, which for me has no value. I try to give it a point of expression. Once I have the sketch clear, I continue with a pencil a little softer (2H) to outline the lines that will mark the figure. I consider myself a clear line draftsman and I like that the pencil has importance in the final art. For the color stage I usually use only watercolor, although sometimes I have combined with pastel or acrylic pencil for specific details. Previously I coloured digitally but when I started selling work I considered that I wanted to give value to the original drawing and I focused on traditional processes. When the color stage is finished I give another review to the pencil (with a B or 2B) and add the points of more contrast, some textures and various details since working on the paper already colored is completely different from doing it before. If I’m not convinced of the final color I can give it one more layer of color carefully because the graphite of the pencil is diluted with water.

The collection you present. Tell us, what inspired you to design it?

With the works I’m doing I was very clear that I wanted to draw real people, people I could go to have a coffee with and talk about art, eroticism or anything else. For me there is no interest in drawing unknown people, with their excessive ego or who are not going to participate in the process in any way. I like to be part of somehow what comes before the sketch. Thinking about the pose, taking the photo if there is a possibility, or asking the model, not caring too much if it meets the standards of a good photo. As I said before, I’m inspired by imperfections, beauty in all its variations.

Most of your work is feminine. Do you find more sensuality in women than in men?

Yes, obviously. Not only because of my heterosexual condition, but because the female body is more beautiful, more sensual and harmonious. My sensitivity connects more with the feminine universe where sometimes it’s preferable to insinuate. I’ve always felt more comfortable around women and my friendships are usually girls. This is a recurring theme in my conversations, and although there are obviously exceptions, this is usually the case.

Do you have any project in development or any medium-long term project? 

I have the idea of compiling the works I like the most, trying to make a varied selection both in style and in models, and to put out a book with some texts, I don’t know yet if they are my own or if I’m looking for collaboration. It would be in several languages, probably English, French and Spanish.

What do you think about erotic culture?

I like eroticism. Pornography too but it can get a bit boring. I am very attracted to people who share their intimacy without expecting anything in return and I usually run away from accounts that are based only on attracting new followers or selling their onlyfans pages, etc. I understand social networks as a place to share what you do and meet like-minded people. Everything else has to come as a consequence. I receive dozens of messages every day asking me for mutual promotion, or trying to flirt with me (they think I’m a girl), dozens of comments in my publications with the only intention of giving themselves visibility. These things bore me to death.

Finally. How would you define eroticism?

For me, eroticism is based on female empowerment and pleasure. In my case I only understand eroticism if it is feminist. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a confident woman showing her body or enjoying sex. As a counterpoint, I also like an intimate eroticism where perhaps a certain fragility comes out, which does not stop being beautiful. I suppose it is impossible to appreciate one part without the other. Sex is strength, it is pleasure, but it is also fragility, when exposed openly with another person(s). On the other hand, I am not very interested in explicit content. I have always found the hint more interesting as it gives more play, although I am aware (from my own experience) that in social networks the hardest content is usually rewarded in the form of likes and followers.

Where we can find more material and work of your authorship. What are your social networks?

I focus almost 100% on instagram. @labellecicatrice_. I opened an account in twitter but I don’t pay much attention to it and basically I hang only some of the drawings that I hang in instagram. In case you want to follow I’m @bellecicatrice. I also opened an account in patreon although there is not much. My idea is to upload videos of the creation process and explain the story behind each drawing.

Greetings and thanks for your interest in my work. I am open to collaborations so if you are interested, please write to me!

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