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I cannot stand still. After these complicated months, and self-analyzing myself with surgical precision, I have come to this conclusion. But creative work is sometimes exhausting. If you combine these two certainties the only possible result is frustration. That’s why I’ve decided to start a project related to what I do, but where my main function is that of editor. I also want to take advantage of this visibility I have to give voice to other visions, people who also inspire me and have qualities that I lack. Because art is all about growing together and inspiring each other. 

My idea is that this publication will be monthly, digital and free, at least for the moment. I have separated the content into five blocks. The first one, voice, is dedicated to an interview with someone who is dedicated to the world of art and eroticism, in this case an artist that I have been following for a long time and admire. It continues with the zoom section dedicated to photography from the point of view of both models and photographers. Thirdly a central article, mind, where I will investigate, using existing sources, about the world of sexuality. A visual section, color, to show you the work of graphic artists. And closing, ink, where the erotic story will transport us to intimate and secret worlds.

Hoping that this project circulates freely, likes and has continuity, since it is made with the heart and the usual care in everything I do. ◆


From Argentina comes this warrior of the brush, tough and sensitive at the same time, sarcastic and reflexive. Dedicated to the cause of art from her feminine and personal point of view.

LABELLECICATRICE. To begin with, tell us a little about yourself. Your origins, your motivations to start dedicating yourself to art and specifically to the world of eroticism.

DE PUÑO. Like most people who draw, I started when I was very young and I never gave up along the way. I had difficulties at a cognitive and communicative level, that made me carry out a treatment with professionals who could see my aptitudes and facilities for art and the area of fine motor skills. My mother, knowing all this, always encouraged me to continue with art by taking me to workshops and enrolling me in a school with artistic orientation.

Eroticism and sexuality were always themes that appealed to me, especially the representation of the naked body as such, with all its opulence and vulnerabilities. In my mother’s house there were books on sexuality where, for the first time, I saw erotic illustrations. These illustrations with non-hegemonic bodies, desiring and loving caught my attention.

LBC. How do you live in Argentina as an artist?

DP. As you can, hahaha. I dare say that most of us do not live only from art, but we have a fixed or “stable” income that in the best of cases can have a link with art.

It is difficult because working in art means working autonomously and this means depending on the economic stability of the public or clients you have. 

LBC. The fact of being a woman and publishing sexual content often attracts uncomfortable visitors. How do you experience this?

DP. The fact of being a woman and being visible always brings unwanted visitors, whether I do erotica or not. Doing erotic illustrations only increases that aspect, as people start to fantasize about your desire and whether the things you draw are the things that turn you on or not. 

When I started uploading erotic illustrations, the arrival of this kind of people was more noticeable, but it’s something that has been happening to me since I was 8 years old. There were always men harassing me, only now it was in networks. 

It hasn’t happened to me for a long time but it was because I had to redouble the professional aspect of the page and make a prominent story warning that they were going to be stigmatized and denounced.

LBC. In your art you claim feminism and the normalization of all types of bodies both male and female. Do you think that erotic art tends to be sexist and idealized? Is it necessary to rethink it?

DP. Yes and no. When I took up eroticism as a theme in my illustrations, I didn’t think of giving it a feminist twist, I just wanted to talk genuinely about my desire and start being honest with what I liked. I look at and am inspired by porn, so what? That’s not very feminist to say but I don’t give a damn. I don’t want feminism to be the dogma that tells me that what I like is wrong, I want it to be a place of liberation. 

It may be that erotic art is and has been sexist, as women we were always the protagonists of that objectification by men. It was an art directed for male consumption. I think that today there is a lot of erotic art that represents other desires, other looks, objectifications and representations.

Maybe it is necessary to rethink it but always from one’s own desire and not to comply with a mandate or ideology. It is noticeable when it is not genuine and the magic is lost. 

LBC. You usually work with watercolor. What is your work methodology and why do you prefer this technique to others?

DP. My work methodology changes over time. I usually try to have a folder of references that inspire me, then I take it to sketch. I make many sketches until I am sure and then I go to the watercolor sheet. Before I start I make a color palette and then I decide if it is going to be with ink line or without line. The rest is watercolor layer work, which can be up to 10 layers depending on the complexity of the work. 

Contrary to what I hear from many colleagues, watercolor seems to me to be a bit unspontaneous and I like that. The way I work allows me to have total control over the stain and variables, and I love that. On the other hand, I love the luminosity and transparency of the colors and it makes me lose hours and hours painting.

LBC. In some of your illustrations we see explicit content. Have you had problems with censorship?

DP. So far, very little. I don’t know why, since beyond the fact that I’m aware that I’m not violating the community rules, I know many artists who haven’t either, and they still have had their publications downgraded. 

LBC. Can you recommend some artists that have influenced you or transmit something special to you?


Vincent Desiderio | @vincent_desiderio 

Apollonia Saintclair | @apollonia.saintclair

Yuko Shimizu | @yukoart

Savanna Judd | @heartsl0b

Little Thunder | @littlethunder

Maggie Cole | @maggiecoledraws

Serena Malyon | @smalyon

There are more, I’m probably forgetting several. 

LBC. Thanks for your time. Do you want to say something to the readers that you haven’t had the opportunity to say through this interview?

DP. I don’t think so, I said enough, hahaha. ◆


Cook at heart, amateur erotic model, draughtswoman and starting her career from the other side of the camera as a photographer. Sarah’s interests are endless, as well as the passion she shows in everything she does.

Sarah is 38 years old. She lives in Paris and has been modeling for 10 years. A passion that occupies an important part of her life. How does a cook start in the world of eroticism? One day she simply said to herself: why not?

Passionate about erotic modeling, she was a follower of models and photographers, both professional and amateur. She started talking to them and the propositions came and came.

At first it was a kind of challenge for herself. To regain confidence and, why deny it, a certain narcissistic pleasure. As with any activity, practice led to better results, and she is a demanding person with herself, so the results came, and she was able to meet great people from the artistic world.

At present, after all the experience she has gained, she has launched herself to the other side of the camera and is starting to portray other models. She also works with self-portraits, because no one knows you better than yourself.

Passion moves her motivations, always within the field of the artistic nude and eroticism, in the search for sensuality. At the same time she draws and paints, also using her photos as a reference. An all-terrain woman with an inner energy that she manages to transmit in everything she does.

As she herself says: “the field of possibilities is infinite, and I love it”. ◆


Italy, cradle of the Renaissance, helped us to overcome the darkness of the Middle Ages. A unique, beautiful, chaotic country and the origin of Martina, a creative, beautiful and fearless woman.

Martina began posting photos in May 2020, during the worldwide confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic. A time of reflection and shifting priorities. She lives in Italy and has always loved photography, “a beautiful way to see the world and to see oneself,” in her own words. Many of these photos were of her body, her intimacy, but never with the intention of publishing them. Her motivations for undressing before the world were, on the one hand, her curiosity, and on the other hand, to be able to see herself in a way that she liked herself. She defines herself as a feminist and a promoter of body confidence. 

Her art does not hide elements of the body that are normally avoided, or directly erased, in the world of erotic and fashion photography. Wrinkles, skin marks, pimples, freckles, stretch marks… We all, absolutely all of us, have them, but we want to live in a perfect world where these elements do not exist, neither body fluxes nor signs of age. And they are part of us, they define us and make us unique. 

Her images, besides beautiful, make us question ourselves about our tastes, about the hypocrisy of the world and about ourselves. ◆


Less than half of the world’s cultures kiss each other on the mouth, and we humans are practically the only animals that do so. But it hasn’t always been this way. Where does this need, this way of showing our affection, come from?

While kissing, partners exchange 9 milliliters of water, 0.7 milligrams of protein, 0.18 mg of organic compounds, 0.71 mg of fats and 0.45 mg of sodium chloride, along with between 10 million and 1 billion bacteria, according to some estimates. Many disease organisms can be transmitted by mouth-to-mouth contact, including those that cause colds and other respiratory viruses, herpes simplex, tuberculosis, syphilis and streptococcus. Romantic, isn’t it?

Less than half of the world’s cultures kiss each other on the mouth, and we humans are practically the only animals that do so. But it hasn’t always been this way. Where does this need, this way of showing our affection, come from?

It is not known for sure, but some theories hold that using the lips is a natural reflex to seek the mother’s breast, other theories speak of lip bonding when mothers gave pre-massaged food to their young. The oldest evidence of kissing on the mouth between humans is from about 3500 years ago, in a Sanskrit text, where the act of kissing is described as breathing each other’s soul. No kissing is seen in Egyptian culture and in ancient Greece and Rome kissing did not have a sexual or romantic meaning, but rather one of respect and admiration. It was in the Middle Ages when kisses between unfortunate lovers began to be described as a symbol of true love.

What is clear is that there is a natural sensitivity in our lips, and it is the most sensitive part of the body that is not covered. Hence, according to some studies, cultures that wear more clothes tend to kiss more, because when you don’t have clothes on, the sensual encounter can be had with other parts of the body.

In some cultures the way they have to show affection is far from ours. Darwin described the Malay kiss in which women squat on the floor and both sniff each other. On some islands in Oceania, lovers sit face to face and nibble their eyelashes. In the end, kissing is nothing more than sharing intimate information.

One important information shared by kissing is smell, so why don’t we see other animals kissing? One reason could be that their sense of smell is more sophisticated than ours and they do not need it.

It should also be noted that saliva contains sex hormones, such as testosterone. Kissing then is a way to start getting to know each other from a sexual point of view. ◆



A unique look at the female body. Shapes, textures, gestures… Digital eroticism combined with a touch of humor and an exquisite taste for detail. 

2miono, his name on Instagram, defines himself as a hobby illustrator. He is from Spain and started with erotic illustration to disconnect from his work. At first he used watercolor but the censorship of this social network deleted his account and he took a break. Recently he has returned from another side, the digital.

He likes both volume and elaborate drawings, as well as the simplicity of a few lines. As he says, often nothing more is needed.

He combines this eroticism with elements of humor, insinuating the explicit to leave the rest to the imagination (partly due to this censorship). At the end of the day they are just a “bunch of pixels that seek to provoke either a laugh or a tickle”.

His works usually focus on some detail of the female body, shapes, textures, gestures. His way of working consists of having dozens of drawings started, and finishing them off when he captures that peculiar detail. Undoubtedly, he captures all our attention. ◆


From the cold lands of Russia this artist helps us to discover, at the same time as she does it herself, the beauty of erotic art with her delicate brush strokes.

Alina, the person behind the luvly flower, defines herself as an erotic artist, although she does not make a living out of it. She has a “normal” job, in her own words. In fact, most of the people who know her would be surprised to find out what type of art she has a passion for.

She’s been drawing ever since she can remember. She never did it professionally; usually, it was just graphite face portraits of friends or celebrities once a year. She discovered erotic art in 2020 during the first lockdown, which she spend sitting home alone with her cat as the only company. It was the strangest, but happiest time, as she likes to remember. She started drawing more and was looking for other artists for inspiration. She was confused, but impressed and delighted at the same time by how beautiful erotic art can be.

Back then, she had issues with self-acceptance and expressing herself sexually, though. Leaving out the details, she’ll just say that by that time, she had never thought of trying to draw anything erotic. Then she realized that there’s no other way for her but to try to push the boundaries and overcome her fears and insecurities by drawing explicit portraits. She started with making tiny vulva paintings and later she moved on to men’s private parts and then full-body portraits. Her audience was growing, people started to ask her to draw them.

At first, she was drawing commissions for free. But when the number of requests became excessive, she thought she should charge for her work. It let her switch to better mediums, and she started to use professional paper and watercolors. She was making commissions one after another; she couldn’t even believe at first that she managed to make money on her hobby. However, the most priceless part of the process was the feedback she received from her customers. Her drawings let them see themselves from the other side: beautiful and unique. Well, she just draws things the way she sees them. Also, she met so many wonderful people thanks to her passion, and she feels happy to be able to depict their beauty through her art. It feels so freeing, so inspiring, according to her own words. She made a few self-portraits as well. Now, she can say that drawing erotic art has definitely helped her a lot in exploring and expressing her own sexuality. She thinks a nude human body is unconditionally beautiful regardless of gender, shape, size, color, or anything else.

Unfortunately, Instagram, the platform she uses most often, can’t be called a friendly platform when it comes to erotic art. She got three accounts deleted for unknown reasons, one of them had reached 11K followers by that time. It gets her down sometimes. Also, she doesn’t feel safe enough to reveal her personality on Instagram. Not everybody can understand and relate to this type of art. But it’s kind of thrilling to keep it a secret. She feels so happy to do what she does anyway because it’s something that she loves, and it brings her joy, and… it’s her source of power. ◆


Welcome to Léa’s erotic world, where everything is possible and nothing is forbidden. 

I’m in this big movie theater. It’s been so long since I’ve been there. Strangely, no one is wearing masks, not even me. There are a few people, but the room remains relatively empty. There is a choice to take a seat, I put myself in front, being small I like to be close to the screen, so that nobody spoils my view.

The movie had started a few minutes earlier and I regularly felt an irrepressible desire to turn around. I meet his eyes and each time, he smiles at me. He looks far away and at the same time so close, I couldn’t tell how many rows separate us. Four, ten? What difference does it make? He’s looking at me. The film has lost all interest, it’s a pity, it won a prize at Cannes. I’ll have to come back to see it, because I can’t follow the story.

I want to get up and sit next to him, simply, without saying anything, as a matter of course. But I don’t dare. I feel impressed by his presence and his confidence. I can’t help thinking that I’m the one who is rambling, imagining things. Maybe he thinks I’m crazy, turning around every five minutes without following the movie and that’s what makes him smile. 

I’m wrong, when he stands up in front of me, I’m wrong, when he makes a sign to me to come, I know I’m wrong. 

I hesitate, without really hesitating. I just want to show him that it’s not in the bag, but it’s a waste. He already knows that I am his, that I will follow him, listen to him and do whatever he asks. He knows it since the first time I turned around and our eyes met. 

I follow him, he sits at the very top of this large room of at least 400 seats. I rush into the row he has chosen and once I get to him, I sit down. He looks at me, he lets a few seconds pass and then he kisses me. I let myself be carried away by this kiss, it is completely crazy. Everything since the beginning seems strangely very natural, every event seems normal, obvious. 

He opens his pants and takes out his erect sex. Desire twists my stomach, I bend down and take it in my mouth. His sweetness fills me, his salty taste makes me salivate, his hand takes me in a slow and deep rhythm. 

– Is it good? he says. 

– Yes, I said, lifting my head, my lips covered with saliva.

– Then continue. 

I continue and I dream, I dream of a thing that flows in me, that it enjoys before the end of the film. When I raise my head, everything goes wild, spectators have approached, they sit around us and they look at us, they caress each other. There are ten of them, maybe even fifteen. In the half-light I have the impression that we can be whoever we want, nobody can recognize us. We stand out, we guess, we dare.

I want him to come before the end of the film, I want them to come before the end of the film. 

I must leave before the lights come on under the credits parade. 

As I suck him, I feel hands reaching out and touching me. I feel all this world which envelops us, which approaches as if to cum in unison, at the initiative of this man full of aplomb. I feel my orgasm coming, it is very strong and as often it is at this moment that I wake up, panting, images full of head. It’s quite blurry, but I remember. I remember him, I remember the place, I remember how the dream turned out. So, that morning, I slip my hand between my lips and when I discover my wet sex, when I let my fingers caress and penetrate me, I think back to that movie session and here I am in a few seconds, flying away. 

Maybe I should write to him and tell him that he is the one I dreamed about. ◆



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