Empordà NU

This project is not a tourist guide to the best places in the Empordà, nor will you find any recommendations or the best restaurants or the best wine. Neither is it a book of erotic photography, nor a compilation of drawings or poetry. Others will do it better and know more.

We could define Empordà NU as a sentimental guide as well as a poetic route through this magical land. If we look at it from a more vindictive point of view, it would be a defense of the beauty of all human bodies and the contact with nature. It can also be seen as a normalization of nudity as a form of artistic expression, fleeing from the sexualization that forces us to censor, especially in social networks, a simple female nipple.

The basis of the project is photography. A dialogue between one eye behind a lens and a body in front, with a luxury spectator, this land, active subject. Poetry has served as a guiding thread, going beyond what is seen with the naked eye, getting carried away by the sensations that were released and dissecting them within each element: the wind that draws the landscape and drives our hair crazy, the wild water that salts our skin, the earth where to sink our hands to feel the deep smells, the stones of the past reminding us when we are small and the metal, in opposition, talking about a future, sometimes dystopian. And the drawing, this time under the black stroke of the ink, paving the way.

All this a sum of efforts where all voices have sounded the same, under a choral score. A journey both inside and outside, of discovery, forging unique, solid connections, in contrast to the liquid times we live in.

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